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Surrounded by art since I can remember, I’ve always been encouraged to color outside the lines.

My grandfather taught me how to use my first camera, and I took pictures of dollhouses that he and my grandmother made. My father builds life-size houses, twenty years after apprenticing a man named Hector, immigrating to the US and marrying my mom. She disliked coloring books and Barbies as presents for little girls. Instead she’d set me and my sister up to make things, like Highlights Magazine decoupage cigar boxes and vases or melted vinyl record bowls.

I believe you should go out and do the things you want to do and, heck, I’ve always wanted to own my own business. I like meeting new people and discovering new places. I like to preserve fleeting moments in my artwork, my favorite kinds of moments are the ones that end up defying your deepest convictions.

So I take photos. Mostly of people in love—with each other, their families, their dog/cat/chinchilla, or their lives! I believe in love and the people that it takes to change lives. I want to intensely celebrate those people, standing up for who and what they believe in and who value spending time coloring outside the lines, just a little bit, every day.

About You

About Hart & Sol Photo

You are looking for a photographer who shares a passion for brunch, artistic expression, and a love for life. You are laid back, love to laugh, and couldn’t care less about the latest trends. You believe in all sorts of equality (the marriage-kind being one of them). And maybe most important of all, you’ve taken a gander at my galleries and you like what you see. Let’s be friends.

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About Hart & Sol Photo



I currently live in Gowanus, Brooklyn with my boyfriend and rescue cat. I am a proud, native New Yorker, loving living in Brooklyn. I also show love to my hometown of Staten Island on a regular basis. I have also spent some time in the Hudson Valley, Utah, and the Netherlands and is am always down to travel, especially if it means eating!

When not shooting weddings, I can be found wandering second-hand thrift stores, watching “movies with a strong female lead” (according to Netflix), driving classic cars (88 Honda Civic, baby!), drinking seltzer, eating her body-weight in olives and cured meats, and/or organizing artists and art events in and around NYC.

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About Hart & Sol Photo



Ali is a Long Island native, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She studied photography in college, but is a primarily self taught. Her work seeks adventure, abandonment and beauty in the peculiar places.

About Hart & Sol Photo



Bronx born, Lou is a badass photographer who is as well versed with a vintage camera as a digital one. When he’s not freelancing as a second shooter, he can be found toying around with hazardous chemicals in his wet plate collodion studio in Westchester.

About Hart & Sol Photo

Divya & Owen


Divya and Owen are two filmmakers/artists who like photography, editing, video games, dogs, Twin Peaks, making stuff, and coffee. They both have BFAs from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in Film and TV.

About Hart & Sol

One-thousand(ish) days ago, two creative ladies with short hair discovered their shared love for life, art, and photography (and didn’t think that any should be mutually exclusive). They had the privilege of documenting dozens of special moments and memories as they unfolded, from Portland, ME to San Francisco, CA. By 2012, Hart & Sol grew up and changed as a business, giving way to a sort of mitosis and birthing a badass bi-coastal operation, Hart & Sol East (Monica) and Hart & Sol West (Maddie).

Building on the past 3 years and on all of the amazing adventures 2013 entailed, Maddie started Eyes + Hart and Monica focused Hart & Sol’s photography services on the NY Metro Area.

About Hart & Sol Photo

As I (Monica!) take the helm, I am really excited to continue photographing folks who are deep in moments of fear, awe, promise, ecstasy, hilarity, and love


“We’re currently in Yachats, OR making our way up to Seattle slowly. Honeymoons are fantastic and I want to go on them all the time! You know what else is fantastic? Weddings. We had such a great time. Thank you so much for being a part of our day and for being super chill, And for sticking around till the end! I hope you enjoyed the karaoke party as much as we did. We still sit around at night watching the videos…Again, it’s been fab working with you and we just wanted to let you know that!”

—Maria & Cyriac

About Hart & Sol Photo

“You were so amazing. Thank you again for working so hard at the wedding. I’m recommending you to everyone getting married (or people who are just narcissists and want their pictures taken really well :)”

—Diana & Mike

“It’s such a great feeling to have a photographer you can trust. It’s like finding your soulmate. (You can quote me on that.)”

—Olivia & Eric

About Hart & Sol Photo

“Thank you sooooooooo much—the pictures y’all posted are FANTASTIC! Back on Saturday afternoon, I wanted to be more profuse in my thanks for the perfect balance of calm, professionalism, helpfulness, and absolute, nearly ineffable mellow coolness you brought to our day. So please accept my slightly belated thanks on behalf of both Dylan and myself—because now that I’ve seen the ‘sneak peek’ photos I CANNOT WAIT to see the rest!!! I actually think looking at the photos you put up on the blog was genuinely the first time I found myself getting misty-eyed through this whole wedding ‘thing!’”

—Meredith & Dylan

“Hart & Sol was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect photographer. Monica was incredibly sweet, flexible, and easy going. She worked within our budget and knew exactly what we wanted. She was quick to deliver our photos and the results were absolutely beautiful. It was the most perfect and relaxing experience to work with Hart & Sol!”

—Allie & Jeremy

About Hart & Sol Photo

“Honestly, we couldn’t be happier. We were totally savoring the photos as we went through them, not wanting them to end (kind of like our wedding day). I think we may have to print all of the photos. Seriously, you are so talented and we are so thrilled that you were able to get these shots, especially without making us feel like we were in a photo shoot. You are the best of the best.”

—Brit & Tom